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Our Policy

  • Registration: Registration may take place at any time during the year, but it is recommended that a student starts at the beginning of a semester to secure a desired time slot.  You should register in person or by phone (508)308-9141 and leave a message so that we can call and talk to you about the best program for your children and arrange the schedule for you.
  • Payment: Payment in full is due on or before the first lesson of each semester, or remaining weeks (if you register later than the first class of the semester) plus a $10 registration per children per semester for private lessons, (or $15 per family per semester for private lessons).  Please note that registration fee is non-refundable.  A late fee of $25 per student is charged if payment is not made by the second lesson.  Bank charges apply for returned checks.
  • Payment Plan: A payment plan for 4 installments is available for private lessons if requested before registration.  The first installment of 1/4 of the tuition, registration fee, and the extra charge of $35 is due when registering for the program.  The following three installments each as 1/4 of the tuition are due on or before the first lessons in the following three months.  The detail will be stated in the registration form.
  • Refunds & Credits: If a private lesson student withdraws before the first lesson, the studio will refund the tuition in full less registration and other fees.  The studio will refund 2/3 of the tuition of the remaining lessons if the student withdraws before the fourth lesson.  No refunds are given after the fourth lesson except prolonged illness or injury.
  • Group Programs: Each group program caries different tuition and material fees.  Please check the Fee Schedules.  There is no refund of tuition and other fees for group programs after the first lesson.  The studio may cancel any group programs not meeting the minimum class enrollment.  Full tuition and registration fee, if applicable, will be refunded should the class be cancelled.
  • Absence Policy:Private and group lessons will only be made-up if a teacher is absent or if studio is closed due to inclement weather condition.  The studio will try our best to arrange make-up lessons for student absence with advance notice.  Group programs do not make up lessons for students' absence. 
  • Closed days: Please make a note the Happy Music's Academic Calendar.  We DO NOT follow Wayland School System for snow days situation.  Please call the teacher to check if the lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather.

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